Hydraulic Power Actuator

IMPORTANT NOTE: CP7950 is no longer available to order. Information left on website for reference only.
CP7950 is a power actuator is designed to be used in conjunction with a electronic control power hydraulic system (e.g. Paddle Shift) to operate the clutch. It is fitted between the clutch pedal and a standard master cylinder and allows manual operation using the clutch pedal if required.

- Aluminium alloy body material.
- Operate with Mineral oil only.
- Weight = 397g.- Full Stroke = 25.4mm (1.0").
- Effective Piston Area = 178.0mm².
- Hydraulic Threads = M10x1.0.
- Optional Travel sensor available.
- Seal Repair Kit = CP7950-6RK 

- CP7950-5 (with CP4623-88NC Master Cylinder Included). - No Longer Available
- CP7950-6 (without CP4623-88NC Master Cylinder). - No Longer Available

Download Installation Drawing:
CP7950 Customer Drawing