Fly-By-Wire Clutch Actuation System

AP Racing, the leading manufacturer of performance braking and clutch systems for race and road use, has introduced a Pneumatic Fly by Wire clutch control unit.
The Fly by Wire clutch control unit (CP9800 Series) allows for steering wheel mounted paddle clutch control for any vehicle in which a hydraulic slave cylinder is utilised.
Developed in conjunction with Shiftec for use in this year’s inaugural season of the FIA F2 championship, the race proven technology is easily adaptable to any car type.
Available as either a stand alone unit or fully integrated system with optional semi-automatic gear shift module, the lightweight and affordable Fly by Wire clutch control unit offers the driver both a high accuracy of control as well as faster response times.
The clutch position demand and paddle demand have also been calibrated to give the driver optimal bite point control. The unit also offers low current and air consumption as well as featuring a sophisticated fail safe and diagnostic system.
The paddle clutch unit is fully compatible with AP Racing’s CP4623 type master cylinders with no modifications required for either the clutch or the hydraulic clutch slave cylinder.
It has been specifically designed with non contact paddles, which can easily be mounted to most steering wheels. The integrated nature of this device on the vehicle requires all potential installations to be discussed with AP Racing’s Technical Sales department. This will allow an accurate quotation to be given based around the engineering work required. 
Please contact Ian Nash for more details:


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