Lance & Connectors - CP6116 Family

To complement the range of Air Jacks, AP Racing offers a Lance (CP6116-15) and Connector with valve (CP6116-3 - 180) or just the connector (CP6116-4).
Component Weights:
CP6116-3 = 180 grams.
CP6116-4 = 70 grams.
CP6116-15 = 650 grams.

Note: CP6116-15 lance is an improved version of CP6116-8 with updated external handle and nose configuration, the new unit is lighter and more compact. CP6116-15 is a direct replacement fitting mounting arrangements as -8.

These products are designed to have high flow and positive operation.
The connector is lightweight and has a two position valve to release system pressure.

CP6116 Customer Drawing Download