Special Tuning Clutches

The clutches in the AP Racing Special Tuning range are uprated units usually based on standard production items.
Special Tuning ClutchesThey are intended for applications where a higher than standard level of performance is required, e.g. in competition use or where the engine / vehicle performance has been increased.
To help select a suitable clutch cover assembly or driven plate, the application is given as Road, Road/Competition or Competition.

Suitable for standard or lightly modified vehicles, organic faced driven plates.

Suitable for more highly modified vehicles and light competition, organic faced driven plates.

Suitable for competition use, cerametallic (paddle) driven plates either sprung centre (S/C) or rigid.

In most cases the clutches in this range can be fitted to the original flywheel without modification and the standard release mechanism is retained but there are exceptions - see notes in the Application Guide.
The two main elements of a clutch are the Cover Assembly (sometimes referred to as Cover, Pressure Plate or Mechanism) and the Driven Plate (Organic or Ceremetallic) which must be compatible with each other to provide satisfactory overall clutch performance.