Twin Plate - Cushion Cover - CP8842

Twin Plate - Cushion Cover - CP8842
Typical Applications:
- Rally
 - Asymmetric designed cover.
- offers 10% reduction in weight and increased stiffness..

- Push Type.
- Stepped
Flywheel Fixing.
Inner diameter location.
- 6 bolt, one piece forged cover and lugs.
machined from aluminium alloy. Allows dust and debris to escape.
- Driven plate thickness - New = 6.00mm.
- Black hard anodised.

- Very low wear rate.
- Individually tested,
match machined, balanced and clutch load recorded
- Mounting studs available, CP4702.

Available Part Number:
- CP8842-CH81-SR.
Torque Capacity Nm (lbs/ft)782 (576)
Release Load - Max Peak New - daN445
Release Load - Max Peak Worn - daN375
Clutch "Wear In"1.25mm
Set-up Height - New32.53 / 28.76mm
Set-up Height - Max Worn37.83mm
Weight (Not Including D/Plates) Kg2.42
Release BearingCP3457-1 or CP3457-11
Complete Assy Intertia (Kgm²)0.01567
Driven Plate & Hub Inertia (Kgm²)Refer to customer drawing
Driven Plate OptionsDriven Plate Thickness
New = 6.00mm Nom. / Worn = 5.63mm Min.
Driven Plate Types
cp8301 type driven plate - Bonded 3 paddle x 2
CP8301-A036H - 1"x23 spline
CP8301-A026H - 7/8"x20 spline

cp8401 type driven plate - Bonded 4 paddle x 2
CP8401-A036H - 1"x23 spline
CP8401-A026H - 7/8"x20 spline

CP8601 type driven plate - Bonded 6 paddle x 2
CP8601-A036H - 1"x23 spline

- Nested 4 paddle x 2
CP7972-A036H - 1"x23 spline

other splines available see.
N.B. Clutch supplied less driven plate.
-bonded driven plate chart
Spare Parts
Main Pressure PlateCP8842-102
Intermediate Pressure PlateCP3592-106
Wear ClipsCP7972-103
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Customer Drawing