CP9800-3 / -5 & -6

CP9800-3 / -5 & -6
- Enables full closed loop pneumatic fly by wire clutch follow control from steering wheel mounted paddle inputs.
- Specially developed non contact paddles which mount easily to most steering wheels.
- Compatible with AP Racing CP4623 type master cylinder.
- Stand-alone or can interface available.
- Clutch position demand to paddle demand calibration to
enable bite point optimisation.
- No modification to clutch or hydraulic clutch slave cylinder required.
- Fully featured, sophisticated fail safe and diagnostics.
- Available in a stand alone format through to a full integrated system with optional semi automatic gear shift module
- Specified part on current F2 cars.
- Total assembly weight including master cylinder and reservoir = 1365g.
- Paddle weight = 49g.
- Low current consumption.
- Low air consumption.
- High accuracy of control.
- Fast response.
- Complements Shiftec’s pneumatic gear shifter package.

Part Number:
- CP9800-3 - Optimised for sintered clutch assembly - CP6003-OH90-SF.
- CP9800-5 - Optimised for sintered clutch assembly - CP7813-BS90-SF.
- CP9800-6 - Optimised for carbon/carbon clutch assembly - CP8662-NE01-SP.