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20 September 2019

Our New semi-automated caliper production line

AP Racing invests in semi-automated caliper production line cutting manufacturing times and provides full component traceability


  •     - Volume production meets growing demand for AP Racing components

  •     - Semi-automated line can produce a component in a matter of minutes

  •     - 100% traceability available for each caliper


AP Racing, a leading manufacturer of performance brake and caliper components, has launched its new multi-million-pound, state-of-the-art, semi-automated production line providing full product traceability and high-volume manufacturing capabilities.



Specifically built for the manufacture of OE roadcar brake calipers, the new line offers the ultimate flexibility in product manufacturing across seven workstations which can be configured according to individual customer requirements. It is able to produce some 20 families of calipers, incorporating more than 100 different part numbers all in a matter of minutes.


“The new caliper line allows us to meet evolving customer demands, while still providing the same unrivalled support to our race and performance customers worldwide,” explained David Hamblin, managing director of AP Racing. “Our new semi-automated capabilities deliver flexibility, quality and traceability throughout AP Racing calipers. With Industry 4.0 around the corner, considerations to implement a second, similar line are already in place, as we anticipate greater and greater demand from the OE sector for our calipers.”


Each station on the caliper line includes interactive working instructions that are given to operatives via a smart screen to ensure the right components are used. The sophisticated set-up prevents a caliper from moving to the next station until all operations have been correctly completed, ensuring high levels of product quality and consistency.