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21 January 2013

AP Racing wins award at Autosport International

AP Racing on show. This time last year we started to think about the AP Racing stand, at events like Autosport International, and wondered if there was a better way. It was easy to place endless rows of brake calipers, master cylinders and clutch plates on display, and let visitors wander past. So with a clean sheet of paper, we were able to start again and sketch out a more elegant... More...
16 January 2013

New 2013 Product Catalogue

AP Racing's new 2013 Product Catalogue is available to download from: 2013 AP Racing Catalogue Section The catalogue has been designed to provide the user from whatever level of motorsport, OE / High Performance, Armoured Vehicles and Motorcycle industries with a guide to the most popular AP racing products. However not all products are listed so if your requirements differ from those... More...
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