Racing Brake Fluids

AP Racing established range of brake & clutch fluids have been refreshed and re-branded to embrace our Radi-CAL™ philosophy. Following the 2013 launch of Radi-CAL™ R4 racing fluid, AP Racing has chosen to re-align its full range by re-naming PRF, Super 600, 551 and Formula Dot 5.1, and changing the bottle and caps colours.

alterations have been made to the actual brake and clutch fluid themselves.

AP Racing Brake Fluids have been developed specifically for use under the arduous conditions encountered at the highest levels of motorsport.

All AP Racing Brake Fluids are compatible with all hydraulic brake systems designed to conform to S.A.E. J1703 requirements. AP Racing Radi-CAL R4, R3 and R2 Brake Fluids are intended for racing use only.