Large Capacity Plastic Reservoirs with Offset Outlets - CP2293-141 / -143

Four large capacity reservoirs with offset outlet which screw directly into the master cylinders detail below.


- Can be supplied with or without rubber diaphragms (bellows), CP2293-174

- Supplied complete with cap 4325-148, or alternative cap 3847-246 if bellows are fitted, and adaptor.


- CP2293-141 &-143 suitable for: CP2623, CP4400 and CP6093 cylinders.

- CP4623-7 & -8 suitable for CP4623 and CP5623 cylinders.


Note: To rotate reservoir unlock nut included and reposition, then re-tighten.

Part No. Diaphragm  Fitting 
 CP2293-141 No  7/16" UNF 
 CP2293-143 Yes  7/16" UNF
 CP4623-7 Yes  M12 x 1.0 
 CP4623-8 No  M12 x 1.0 
 Volume = 275cm³ (13.4in³