Vehicle Applications

Vehicle applications bring together the cover assemblies and the driven plates to forma comprehensive application list.
The applications list contain the follwoing information:

- MANUFACTURER: e.g. Mitsubishi.
- VEHICLE: e.g. Evo
e.g. 7/8/9 or 10.

Where the vehicle is to be used. This will fall into one of four main categories:
     i) ROAD.

Certain applications may be a combination of two areas, i.e. ROAD / RACE.
Details the specific cover assembly to be used for the given application.
Details the specific driven plate to be used with the given cover assembly.
Provides a range of information including the type of cover assembly, high performance etc. type of driven plate, sprung centre cerametallic etc., particular application and installation information which may require the user to contact AP Racing for specific information.

Within the main application list there are applications which detail a driven plate that can be used with a standard O.E. Cover assembly, and are known as ‘Group N’ driven plates.