CP3959 Family - Interchangeable with SAAB 900 Cylinder

CP3959 Family - Interchangeable with SAAB 900 Cylinder

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The CP3959 series concentric slave cylinder is a lightweight, hydraulically self-contained unit with high temperature seals. All sealing surfaces are protected by a hard wearing / low friction coating which helps prolong seal life.

Interchangeable with SAAB 900 Slave Cylinder Part No: 4776308 (8729840).
- Aluminium Alloy Body.
- Aluminium alloy Piston.
- 18mm or 12mm Max Stroke options.
- Use with PRF660, 600 or other high quality brake fluids.
- Cylinders are supplied with release bearing in a choice of three fulcrum diameters.
- Hydraulic Fitting kits available for -3 or -4 aeroquip:
 - 7/16" (Aluminium adaptor) for - 4 aeroquip - CP3859-15
 - 3/8" (Steel adaptor) for -3 aeroquip - CP3859-16
 - Fittings to be tightened to 28Nm (21ft/lb)

Available Part Numbers:-

For Standard Bearing Configuration (18mm Stroke)
- Bearing housed in the piston via the outer race. The inner race rotates. Suitable for high speed applications.

- CP3959-38 = Ø38mm Fulcrum.
- CP3959-50 = Ø50mm Fulcrum.
- CP3959-54 = Ø54mm Fulcrum.

For Reduced Length Configuration (12mm Stroke)
- Bearing housed on piston via the inner race with outer race rotating.

- CP3959-1250 = Ø50mm Fulcrum.
- CP3959-1254 = Ø54mm Fulcrum.

General Information:
Ensure that the unit is installed in the correct position, with the bleed port uppermost as shown in the installation drawings (below). all fittings intended to seat at the bottom of the hydraulic ports must have an included angle of 90°.
When large diameter splines are used please check clearance of the spline in the slave cylinder body. Larger splines also have an increased driven plates hub boss. Please check the clearance of the driven plates at maximum slave travel. See the clutch installation drawing for details.
Assembly Mounting PCD - mm3 holes on a 74.0mm PCD
Effective Area - mm² (in²)920 (1.426)
Max Stroke - mm- CP3959-38 / -50 & -54 = 18mm
- CP3959-1250 & -1254 = 12mm
Max Pressure - N/mm² (psi)8.6 (1250)
Hydraulic PortsM12x1.0x11.5 Min. Full Thread.
Weight - grammes430
Bearing Configuration
(see drawing)
See installation drawing
Replacement Release Bearings- CP3959-38 = CP3457-16
- CP3959-50 = CP3457-11
- CP3959-54 = CP3457-6
- CP3959-1250 = CP3457-9
- CP3959-1254 = CP3457-10
Replacement Seal KitCP3759-3
Hydraulic Fitting Kit (Aluminium Adaptor 7/16" for -4 AeroquipCP3859-15
Hydraulic Fitting Kit (Steel Adaptor 3/8" for -3 AeroquipCP3859-16
Hydraulic Fitting Kit Tightening Torque - Nm (lb/ft)28Nm (21lb/ft)
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CP3959 Family Customer Drawing