Evoque - Radi-CAL Front - 6 Piston Kit - CP8522Z1002

Evoque - Radi-CAL Front - 6 Piston Kit - CP8522Z1002
New Factory Radi-CAL™ Big Brake Kit.
Kit uses new forged World Radi-CAL™ 6 Piston caliper, which offer a significant weight reduction in mass compared t coventional designs through applying AP Racing's patented Radi-CAL™ design concept. 

Kit Part Numbers:
- Black Caliper Kit Number - CP8522Z1002BG.CG12

- Red Caliper Kit Number - CP8522Z1002R2.CG12

- Kits are available with GA disc face types. Please contact AP Racing or one of its Distributor/ Authorised Dealers for information.


Before purchasing or installing a factory Radi-CAL™ big brake kit, make sure that the brake upgrade is suitable for the make and model of the vehicle, and that the wheel has been checked for clearance
Model Year2012 on
Brake Caliper Type Black Calipers:
- RH - CP8522-4S0BG
- LH - CP8522-5S0BG
Red Calipers:
- RH - CP8522-4S0R2
- LH - CP8522-5S0R2
Brake Disc - GroovedØ390mm x 36mm / 73 Vane
12 Grooves Per Face
- RH - CP8080Z34.CG12
- LH - CP8080Z35.CG12
Brake PadsCP7555X70BX-DS25HP x 4 - Makes 1 pad set
Wheel20" aftermarket
Click on the link to download the relevant drawing
- Brake Kit Profile
- Brake Kit Content Sheet