300ZX - Front 6 Piston Kit CP5555-1000

300ZX - Front 6 Piston Kit CP5555-1000
- Black Caliper Kit Number: - CP5555-1000BG.CG12
- Red Caliper Kit Number: - CP5555-1000R2.CG12

Part numbers above have replaced CP5555T1000 strap drive versions which are now obsolete.

Before purchasing or installing a factory big brake kit, make sure that the brake upgrade is suitable for the make and model of the vehicle, and that the wheel has been checked for clearance by downloading the caliper profile drawing PDF using the link.


Model Year1990 on
Brake Caliper TypeCP5555
Brake Disc - GroovedØ343mm x 32mm / 48 Vane
RH = CP3581-542CG12
LH = CP3581-543CG12
Brake PadsCP3894D54-APF404
Wheel8J x 17" Wheel
Click on the link to download the relevant drawing
Caliper Brake Kit Profile
Brake Kit Content Sheet