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5 March 2019

TAPG Motorsports wins 2018 NASA WERC E1 Class Championship on an Essex/AP Racing Sprint Brake Kit

Towards the second half of last year, a team of Toyota engineers from the Toyota Arizona Proving Grounds contacted Essex about bullet proofing the brakes on their Toyota 86 racecar. They had been doing really well in their NASA Western Endurance Racing Championship class, but they were still struggling a bit with the OEM brakes. Did we create a custom brake kit with special features, designed explicitly for multi-hour endurance races? No! All we did was recommend our standard, off-the-shelf Essex Designed AP Racing Sprint Kit, which has been proven time and again on circuits around the world. It's durable enough for serious endurance racing, works on cars with double stock horsepower, saves 20 unsprung lbs. vs. stock, and spares are dirt cheap.

Team TAPG won with our kit on its debut weekend at Sonoma, and they continued on to seal up the 2018 NASA WERC E1 Class Championship with it. They ran the car at the 25 Hours of Thunderhill, but ultimately succumbed to a DNF. All indications were that the Sprint Kit would not even require a pad change over the course of the 25 hours! Again, keep in mind that Essex's Sprint Kit is our lightest, smallest option for the FT86 platform (Essex also have a monster Endurance system).

Essex's contact with the team sent us the following summary after the 2018 smoke cleared: