Disc Mounting

For Performance Road applications a bolted mounting is generally used for strength and simplicity. AP Racing have introduced a new Strap Drive system which is now in use selected kits.
AP Racing Brake Kits are supplied with disc and mounting bell pre-assembled.

  • Standard AP Racing disc mounting hole size is 6.40 / 6.45mm diameter. Disc to mounting bell Tightening Torque 14.0Nm (10.5 lbs ft). AP Racing offer a range of bolts, nuts and washers to suit.
    CP2494-116  0.25" UNF x 0.875"
    (22.22mm long, plain section 11mm, full thread 9mm).
    CP2494-331  0.25" UNF x 1.062"
    (27.0mm long, plain section 9mm, full thread 16mm).
    CP2494-718  0.25" UNF x 1.00"
    (25.4mm long, plain section 14mm, full thread 9mm).
    CP2494-117  0.25" UNF Nut, 7.3mm height.
    CP2494-1305  0.25" Stainless Steel Washer, 0.9mm thick.
  • These are also available in 8 and 12 bolt wheel sets.
    CP2494-24  0.25" x 0.875"  8 bolt kit.
    CP2494-6   0.25" x 0.875"  12 bolt kit.
    CP2494-22  0.25" x 1.062"  12 bolt kit.
    CP2494-18  0.25" x 1.00"  12 bolt kit.

Note: Disc mounting tightening torque - 14Nm (10.5lb/ft)